Restaurant Review: Agave at the Harbor

Yesterday, we tried another new restaurant in the Rockwall Harbor District: Agave. They’re on the south end, down toward the new Hilton. When we arrived at 5:00 p.m. on a Sunday, the place was pretty well deserted.

Decor is what I call "New Yorky minimalist." Very plain lines, simple furnishings with a bit of an Asian look:

It’s not my favorite style, but I know it’s a popular one at trendy restaurants these days.

The hostess/waitress was polite and friendly and we got a table by the window with a nice lake view. although it was marred somewhat by the overcast day:

The menu was definitely eclectic, with a smattering of dishes of different types, from Tex-Mex to "exotic" (the latter included duck breast and "wabbit"). Tom started with calamari, and I had a taste. The portion was small in comparison to other restaurants (about half what you get at Valore’s just down the walk) but it was tender and tasty.

In keeping with my current efforts to eat a more healthy diet, I got a Caesar salad to begin:

It was a fairly generous portion but definitely not the best Caesar I’ve had. It was a bit dry; in fact, I wondered at first if there was any Caesar dressing on it at all. The Romaine lettuce was almost all hard "stems" rather than the leaves. Valore’s wins hands-down in the salad department.

Tom first attempted to order a Philly cheese steak but was told that they were out, so he went with his second choice, a Kobe burger (which he ate before I got a chance to take a photo). It was a large burger and he said it was very good and cooked to order. It came with a huge side order of fries, which were neither particularly crispy nor particularly mushy but were very salty.

I went with the grilled swordfish:

It was a large swordfish steak and was well cooked, but a little overwhelmed by the pineapple in which it was cooked. It came with what was described in the menu as Spanish rice, but was not like any Spanish rice I’d ever tasted. It had a very strong citrus flavor (too much so for my tastes). At $16, it was neither overpriced nor a great bargain.

Service was decent, although nothing to rave about. We were, after all, the only ones in the place for at least half the meal. Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5, maybe a 3.5 taking Tom’s assessment of the burger into consideration. 

Will I go back? Probably. I’d like to try the lump crabcakes, although the price ($23) is a little off-putting. If I want value for the money, I’ll go to Valore’s. But if you’re looking for a place at the Harbor to take a group of people, some of whom don’t like Italian food, and you don’t want to pay the premium (but worth it) prices of Blue Canyon but want something a little nicer than Ruby Tuesday, Agave fits the bill.

Meanwhile, we’re eagerly awaiting the opening of Mistra at the Hilton.

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