Playing Catchup

At last, my class is over and I can get back to my usual and much less hectic routine. I’ll try to briefly catch you up with what’s been going on the last two weeks.

I got a nice break from the teaching and PowerPoint building last weekend, when Tom, Kris and I went to a luncheon that was part of the grand opening celebration for Fearing’s at the new Ritz Carlton in Dallas and we made it part of the celebration of my birthday. We were all big fans of Dean when he was chef at the Mansion, and he definitely hasn’t lost the touch during the time he’s been "away," preparing to open his new restaurant.

The decor is nice, although a bit too "New Yorky" for my taste. But when it comes to restaurants, the taste that matters most is that of the food, and there were no disappointments there. Somehow Dean Fearing manages to make foods that I normally don’t like taste delicious. This time it was shrimp, in the form of a smoky BBQ shrimp taco that completely did away with all past associations I had regarding the little sea bug.

First course was a sweet corn vichyssoise with Maine lobster, smoked Texas tomatoes and grilled salsify. I’ve never been a big fan of cold soup but the different flavors blended to make for a surprisingly yummy dish.

Dessert was, once again, something I would never have ordered on my own: pistachio ice cream with peaches. I’m more of a plain vanilla and/or chocolate person when it comes to ice cream. I tried pistachio once when I was a kid and didn’t like it. Maybe it was the green color; this pistachio ice cream wasn’t green at all, and it didn’t taste green either. It tasted good.

My only complaint would be that the portions were a little small, especially considering the price of $75 per person. On the other hand, the wine flowed freely and it was a Caymus Cabernet that I came home and looked up on the web; seems it goes for anywhere from $65 to $175 a bottle. I guess I got my money’s worth after all.

I look forward to going back, for dinner this time, when I can order off the menu. I expect it’ll be even better. The Eats blog from the Dallas Morning News has a sneak preview of the menu and I can’t wait to try that griddle-seared sea bass or maybe the griddled day boat scallops. I was also happy to see that Dean’s tortilla soup is there.

Never enter a battle of wits unarmed."

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Technology analyst and author, specializing in enterprise security. Author of or contributor to over 25 books, including "Scene of the Cybercrime." Fourteen-year Microsoft MVP, married to Microsoft FTE Tom Shinder, and proud mom of two wonderful grown-up human children and three amazing Japanese Chin pups. In my spare time, I love to travel - especially on cruise ships - and write about my grand adventures.
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