Our Litigious Society

Some people will file a lawsuit at the drop of a hat – or, in this case, at the drop of a sales receipt: 

Man sues florist when wife discovers affair from receipt | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Latest News

So … you’re married, you send flowers to your girlfriend, and when your wife finds out, you sue the florist for your "mental anguish."

I guess now folks in the flower business will have to buy malpractice insurance like doctors and lawyers. That, of course, will drive the cost of floral arrangements up beyond the means of all but the very wealthy. People will be going to Mexico and India for low-cost chrysanthemums. Michael Moore will make a "documentary" about how much better the flowers are in Cuba and how it’s all George Bush’s fault. The Democrats will call for a single payer system so everyone can get flowers – but we’ll have to wait months or years for delivery of elective roses.

I would love to be on this jury (or better, be the judge). I’d discuss what I think about the merits of this guy’s case, but then he would probably sue me. So I’ll just leave it up to you to form your own opinions.

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