Getting Ready to Leave

It appears the swallows are staging now, preparing for the migration to South America. This is something we haven’t seen in previous years and we aren’t sure whether they’ve just moved their staging area to our lakefront or whether we just have many more of them this year.

Swallows staging

Either way, it’s a wonderful sight to behold. Every evening around 19:00, the sky fills with swallows. Last night I was able to capture some of it on video. This doesn’t show the true extent of it, but you can get a bit of an idea:

Meanwhile, "our" swallows continue to come home to roost at night. And I got word from the wildlife rehab center that the baby I took there is now beginning to try to fly. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to share our home and lives with these sweet birds again this summer.
Never enter a battle of wits unarmed."

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Technology analyst and author, specializing in enterprise security. Author of or contributor to over 25 books, including "Scene of the Cybercrime." Fourteen-year Microsoft MVP, married to Microsoft FTE Tom Shinder, and proud mom of two wonderful grown-up human children and three amazing Japanese Chin pups. In my spare time, I love to travel - especially on cruise ships - and write about my grand adventures.
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