Full Fledged Birds

I’ve seen it happen over and over, but each time I’m amazed at how quickly the fledglings become accomplished flyers. Just a few days after venturing out of the nest, they are now out there swooping and dipping and diving and chasing one another at top speed, having fun with their new-found skills.

Last night and the night before, when I checked on them before going to bed, I found both babies roosting in the same compartment and snuggled up next to each other with their feathers touching. I guess they still like that closeness that they had in the nest. And I wonder if the fact that there were only two of them that made it to this stage made them forge a closer bond than usual; I don’t recall the babies from other broods staying so close together after leaving the nest.

If things go as usual, they’ll continue to sleep here for a few more nights and then go off to find a new roost, and mom and dad will stay until they all take off for South America in mid to late August.

I’m really going to miss them when they leave. This pair has been special; they’ve been through so much, first with FIVE babies in the first brood (and all of them surviving despite the freeze), then with the horrible snake incident, then the fallen babies and these two finally fledging, and the way they are so much more protective than normal after all that. They are such splendid little birds.

For much of my life, fall and winter were my favorite times of the year. This place and these birds have given me reasons to look forward to springtime.

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