And then there were three

Well, the new baby birds are finally poking their little heads up out of the nest, and there are at least three of them. That means that even with the loss of the four babies in the second brood, our swallows have produced a respectable eight babies this summer (and there may be more in there that I haven’t seen yet). After much patience, I was finally able to get a photo showing all three:

You’ll probably need to click on the picture to enlarge it before you can see all three.

Meanwhile, the mom bird is taking good care of them, tirelessly flying in to feed them every few minutes.

And this morning, there were five swallows flying ’round and ’round our upstairs balcony. We think it’s the "old babies" (from the first brood) coming back to visit and celebrate the hatching of their new little sisters and brothers.

After all the rains, our crepe myrtles have really taken a growth spurt. I thought this bush was dead for sure after last summer’s drought (we lost another one) but this year it’s back with a vengeance and weighted down with blooms.

The larger crepe myrtles in front of the house are blooming purple this year. I could have sworn they were pink last year.

All in all, it’s been a great year for plants (but also for weeds). And today, for a change, it’s a gorgeous typical summer day with plenty of big, fluffy clouds but not a rain drop in sight.
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